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LC-3 Preprocessor Now Online!
Posted on 11-04-2010, by Tim
The LC-3 Preprocessor is available online now!

Check it out at Calculators Page!


Forums Are Open
Posted on 10-21-2010, by Tim
Hi everyone,

The forums are now open. Please register and then send me an email at admin@lc3help.com for access. Please provide the username you signed up with.

Our fight against spam
Posted on 01-16-2007, by Tim
I'm sure many of you may have noticed the spam attacks we have encountered on the forums. The administrators of LC-3Help are committed to stopping these attacks once and for all.

To enhance our security here on the site, we have stopped accepting any .info email addresses. Many of the spammers were using these kinds of emails to register and re-register at will.

In addition, we have begun a new policy: you may only post BBCode after 5 posts. This will prevent spammers from posting links to malicious sites.

We appreciate your support during this time. Thanks for your patience.

New Google Search
Posted on 10-24-2006, by Tim
A new customized search engine has been created just for LC-3. This search engine is powered by Google. Check it out here!

Conversion Calculators Update
Posted on 10-16-2006, by Tim
The conversion calculators have been updated to support 2s complement numbers. Currently you can perform these conversions:

ASCII -> Binary
Binary -> ASCII

Binary -> Hex
Hex -> Binary

Binary -> Decimal (Now in 2s complement)
Decimal -> Binary (Now in 2s complement)


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